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Let us introduce our Faculty of Informatics Sciences, one of the five faculties at Mother Teresa University in Skopje

7/24/2019 aleksandar.dimovski@unt.edu.mk

Dear Students,

Let us introduce our Faculty of Informatics Sciences, one of the five faculties within Mother Teresa University in Skopje.

The Faculty of Informatics is part of Mother Teresa University, a state-owned university located in the heart of Skopje-Centar, in the building of Labor Unions of Macedonia. More precisely, our classrooms and offices are located on 3rd and 7th floors of the building.

Our team. The staff of the Faculty of Informatics science currently consists of 5 Professors, 4 Teaching Assistants, and 1 General Secretary. We also have invited Professors from other Faculties that give lectures at our Faculty as well as visiting Professors from other Institutions. We are also expecting to hire new professors and assistants in the following years. Currently, professors on faculty are: Bekim Fetaji (PhD in Technical Sciences, TU Gratz, AUS; Software Engineering), Aleksandar Dimovski (PhD in Computer Science, Warwick University, UK; Software Engineering), Andrej Cvetkovski (PhD in Computer Science, Boston University, USA; Computer Networks), Edmond Jajaga (PhD in Computer Science, South East European University, MKD; Software Engineering), Stojan Kitanov (PhD in Technical Sciences, Sts Cyril and Methodius University, MKD; Telecommunications). Assistants on faculty are: Egzona Rexhepi (PhD at South East European University, MKD; Mathematics), Majlinda Axhiu (MSc at South East European University, MKD; Software Engineering), Veton Rushiti (MSc at Sts Cyril and Methodius University; Software Engineering), Arta Bekteshi (MSc; English Language).

Undergraduate studies. We are offering 3 different undergraduate study programs.

  • Informatics: this is a 4 year study programs, where students can obtain the general knowledge of Informatics science. As result of this, students will be able to pursue their carriers in wide variety branches of Informatics after their graduation. There are courses that cover the topics of Computer Engineering (e.g. Digital Technology, Electrotechnics, Digital Logic, Computer Architecture, etc), Computer Networks (e.g. Internet Technologies, Computer Networks, Fundamentals of Telecommunications, etc), Software Engineering (e.g. Programming, Object-oriented Programming, Visual Programming, Algorithms and Data Structures, etc), Mathematics (e.g. Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Probability Theory, etc.).
  • Informatics with Teacher's Preparation: this is a 4-year study program, where students can acquire general knowledge of informatics science as well as get officially-recognized, state-accredited PPM training required for teachers at elementary schools (grades 6-9 in 9-year programs) as well as high schools in Macedonia. In the first three years, most of the courses are similar with the Informatics study program. However, in the fourth year, there are courses for Teacher's preparation (Pedagogy, Psychology, Methodology, and the PPM-related elective courses).
  • Applied Programming: this is a 3-year study program, where students can acquire very specific applied knowledge of Programming and Software Engineering. Students will be ready to start their careers as professional programmers after their graduation. Most of the courses cover the topics related with contemporary programming technologies and software engineering.

 Postgraduate studies. We are offering several Master of Science study programs.

  • Applied Software Engineering: this is a 1-year or 2-year study program, in which students can acquire knowledge and skills of advanced techniques of Software Engineering. Apart from many courses that cover many interesting advanced techniques of Software Engineering, students can also acquire knowledge about doing original scientific research and writing research papers and a master's thesis.


The Team of Faculty of Informatics Sciences

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